Apple Maple Chicken Salad

One of Our Delicious Salad

From day one, our main goal has been to create, produce and execute serving the most delicious and full-flavored dishes from around the world.

Everything at Passion stems from our passion for real, divine taste, exceptional presentation & our travels around the world in order to find them. We have a passion for quality ingredients, and creating a convivial and approachable haven for people who quite simply, love food.

The Passion experience is about more than just food. We strive for exceptional and sincere service; to reach as close to perfection as possible. We offer something for everyone’s taste buds and an atmosphere for every occasion. We have a brilliant captain chef in the house, continually creating mouth-watering and innovative dishes and we make some of the most refreshing and tasty mocktails under the island’s sun.

Combining our unique ambiance with our warm and hospitable staff, it is our hope for you to envision yourself away on an exotic vacation… We look forward to welcoming you to Passion; a place to ignite your passion for food & your imagination.

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